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IDS 7500

Welcome to Single Case Research Design . Single-subject (or single-case) analysis is a primary experimental research methodology in special education and other related human service fields. It is tied closely to individual intervention methodologies that characterize applied behavior analysis and effective classroom instruction and clinical intervention. This broad-based course is designed to help professional personnel acquire the skills to systematically: (1) analyze the relationship between applied research and school-based practice, (2) analyze the effects of educational and behavioral interventions, (3) critique written articles describing intra-subject research, and (4) write a proposal for single-case or other research leading to a masters thesis or project.


My name is Trey Vasquez, and I'm the designer of your course.


Two overarching goals of this course is for the student to (a) develop competency in analyzing single subject research and (b) draft and refine a written proposal describing research to be carried out in a dissertation or publishable manuscript. Ideally, the initial and refined drafts of a written proposal should correspond with the student’s submission of a dissertation project. 


’m looking forward to learning together with you!

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